Shumka’s Cinderella

World-class choreographers, designers and musicians come together to create a stunningly visual production that is a celebration of two classics – Shumka’s signature whirlwind style and the magical world of Cinderella. The Shumka Dancers of Canada bring to the world stage a dazzling dance theatre production of this world-renowned tale.

Ukrainian culture abounds with heroes and heroines, with magical spirits, with folk traditions of Princes and Princesses, and with romanticism. Bringing nuance and dramatic colouring to this exciting production, Shumka embraces the spirit and fascination of this classic story by putting the folk dance back into the folktale.

For hundreds of years the folktale of Cinderella has been told and re-told to children all over the world. Shumka’s Cinderella has all the elements that have made the tale so endearing: the mischievous step sisters, the grand ball, the quest for love, and of course a caring spirit who, like the Fairy Godmother, helps Cinderella find ever lasting happiness.

Combining world-class choreographers from Canada and Ukraine, developing a brilliant new musical score blending Ukrainian folk instruments with the classical sound of a 51-piece symphony, and an extravagant pageant of costumes and sets makes Shumka’s Cinderella a dance theatre spectacle that should not be missed. Perhaps Deidre Kelly of Toronto’s Globe and Mail says it best:

“With their outstanding production of Cinderella, the Edmonton company’s first full-length piece, they have pushed past the narrow, parochial boundaries of ethnic dance. Their energized, $2-million remake of the fairy-tale classic is a megadance spectacle that promises to do for Ukrainian folk dance what Riverdance did for Irish stepping: Catapult it into the big time”

Shumka’s Cinderella – the boot fits