Night of Perun

Night of Perun is an artistic interpretation illustrating the consequences of blind faith. Perun, a vengeful god associated with thunder and fire, was one of the many gods worshipped before the introduction of Christianity to Ukraine in 988 A.D. Torches flicker before a large ceremonial bowl sitting atop a huge stone pillar that pierces the heavens. The mist lifts, revealing the Shaman, a high priest, lying before the temple of Perun, preparing himself for the ritual he is about to perform.

Perun’s followers have always obeyed him, participating in fulfilling his wishes and anticipating his prophecies. However, during this particular ritual the usual animal sacrifice will not satisfy Perun so the Shaman chooses Lada, a young maiden, to be the sacrifice. With blind faith she willingly participates, trusting her leader implicitly. A young man is also chosen to accompany her to complete the sacrificial ritual.

Through the actions of the maniacal Shaman “Night of Perun” presents those questions which may have helped open the door to the introduction of Christianity many years ago.