Midsummer Night’s Ice Dream

Shakespeare’s comic fantasy of royal mismatches and midnight misconstruements, sprites and spirits, and impish ne’er-do-wells, re-told as never before ON ICE in an award-winning one hour television spectacle. Beneath the city streets winds the underground, the subway – a place of mystery and magic where lovers meet, fairies dance, and anything can happen. top level domain . Here mortals commute – the kings and queens of finance, their princes and princesses, brush shoulders with bag ladies and runaways, denizens of the underworld.

But… just beyond the dirty grey walls and shadowy tunnels, there lies an enchanted forest of mythical mists and sparkling leaves, an unruly fairy kingdom. There the King and Queen are at war, a desperate custody battle fought by their armies of tricksters and fairies.

A story-ballet on ice, the show stars “Canada’s Sweetheart,”Olympic Silver Medalist, ELIZABETH MANLEY, Ladies World Champion, YUKA SATO, two-time European Men’s Champ, JOZEF SABOVCIK, and all the stars of the National Ice Theatre of Canada including CAMERON MEDHURST (eight-time Australian Men’s Champ), and ANISETTE TORP-LIND (seven-time Danish Women’s Champ).